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Season 2018W Averages        

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Seasons 2018 Summer and Winter 180s WINNERS

2018 SUMMER SEASON 180-converted

2018 Winter Draw   A1 and B1

Winter 2018 Results

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2019 SUMMER DRAW    A1 2019S        B1 Draw 2019S     

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Adelaide Central Darts Association


         2019      WHO WILL WIN ???










ACDA Doubles Championships    April the 3rd 2019 

Doubles 2019 S

ACDA Singles Championship 10th of July 2019

Hope to see you there.


ACDA Mystery Doubles Championship 2018

A good attendance and atmosphere.         

Andy Naylor and Brett Pascoe were the winners of the Dianne Heron Trophy.

They won in a three way final seeing off  Darryl Tonkes and Eugene Lazoreitz and Mal Browne and Tym Gurd.

Winner of the Mystery Bottle was Steve Driscoll With a 90 peg.

Finally thanks to Edith for chalking the final.